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Welcome to Sunraysia Tenpin!


Every day at Sunraysia Tenpin, we welcome families, groups of friends, co-workers and couples to enjoy the great sport of tenpin bowling. And to make sure the kids aren't left out, we offer bumper bowling so they too can join in the fun of seeing those pins fall!
When you visit Sunraysia Tenpin, you can always enjoy a cool refreshing drink a snack that hits the spot, and if you are up for a challenge, try your hand at one of the hot, new games in our arcade area.
With the sport of tenpin bowling, you'll never have to worry about sunburn or a heat-wave, wet socks, thunderstorms or rain spoiling your fun.
Offering you social bowling, birthday parties, catered functions, disco nights, league bowling and other special deals, along with  a fully catered cafe`, bar and BBQ area... Sunraysia Tenpin is the ideal place for you, your friends and your family and kids to have your next party or function!
Surf the site to find out more about us or come in and experience Sunraysia Tenpin yourself!!

League Bowling

League Bowling


LEAGUE BOWLING is a great way to meet and make new friends. We have leagues for everyone, juniors to seniors, by yourself or in teams or you can even make your own!


With an atmosphere of camaraderie and competition, league members recieve discounts and are eligible for tournaments.



A guide for those who have never bowled in a league before. THE THRILL AND EXCITEMENT OF BOWLING. Bowling is a wonderful, fun-filled, recreational activity and competitive sport enjoyed by almost everyone. Throughout the last 25 years at Sunraysia Tenpin, it has been challenging, exciting and rewarding. The roll of the ball...the sound of crashing pins...the thrill of a strike...a bowlers first 200 game...create excitement and lasting memories.


LEAGUE BOWLING is a very special part of the bowling experience. When a league is in action you are bound to hear laughter, excitement and applause. It's a chance to get away from the pressures of daily life; to relax, unwind, and have fun with family and friends. It's many things to people. YOU MAY BE A BETTER BOWLER THAN YOU THINK! There is the mistaken belief that to be a league bowler you have to  average 180 or better. Quite the contrary! The typical daytime female league member bowls a game somewhere betweel 100 and 120. A nighttime female bowler averages in the 120's to 140's. And the typical nighttime male bowler averages between 140 and 160.

Thanks to bowling's handicapping system a bowler's individual average makes little difference. You can be a vital member of your team no matter what your average is.



League is different and has its own unique "personality". Leagues range from very competitive with large prize funds, to those which are purely social with little or no prize funds.


There are many league openings. You can sign up with a friend or with an entire team. If you are joining alone, the center can place you in a team. So all you have to do is inquire at the main desk.



There are many different types of leagues to suit many different tastes.


YOUTH > from tiny tots bumper bowling to teenagers



MIXED > men and women



You can bowl DAYTIME > mornings, or EVENING > early, afterwork or later in the evening some week nights.

If you are interested in joining a league, dont hesitate to contact Sunraysia Tenpin or pop in and talk to our friendly staff.


Thanks to bowling's handicapping system a bowler's individual average makes little difference. You can be a vital member of your team no matter what your average is.

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